Maryam Mansouri

Maryam Mansouri is a prominent Iranian painter and artist whose works have been shown to the public in different countries of the world.

Maryam Mansouri is the founder of the Tiraje Honar School of Visual Arts and has won the title of Tehran’s top professor at the art festival.

Holding numerous exhibitions in Iran and other countries, holding painting classes in different styles, and educating the students of prominent artists in Tehran are some of his achievements.

Maryam Mansouri in art exhibitions

Maryam Mansouri in art exhibitions

the first exhibition of Maryam Mansouri was held in 2002 with a group of professors at Golberg Gallery in Iran. This exhibition received a lot of attention. The exhibition was held by women painters to celebrate Mother’s Day.

After that, Mariam Mansoori exhibited her works in public in more than ten domestic and foreign exhibitions and was noticed by many artists. During her artistic activities, Maryam Mansouri was recognized worldwide as a lady artist.

Artworks of Maryam Mansoori

Maryam Mansoori works in different styles such as realism, hyper-real, abstract, etc. Professional use of techniques such as black pen, oil paint, texture, calligraphy, etc. has created eye-catching works by her.

Maryam Mansouri has created more than a dozen professional works during her years of activity. 

Artworks of Maryam Mansoori have been displayed in public exhibitions in Iran and other countries of the world.

Artworks of Maryam Mansouri

Maryam Mansoori

Founder of the Tiraje Honar

School of Visual Arts ” Tirajeh Honar

Maryam Mansouri succeeded in obtaining a “2nd degree in art” in 2005 and received a license to establish a school of visual arts from the Ministry of Culture and Guidance of Iran. Fortunately, with the welcome of the students, Tiraje Honar became one of the busiest artists’ gatherings in the city center.

Maryam Mansoori, in 2006 with her students, held a group exhibition located in the Blue Gallery. Every year since then, usually in the early summer, her group exhibitions with students of Tiraje Honar have been held in Tehran’s galleries.

Mariam Mansouri Art Blog

Mariam Mansouri researches and studies in the field of design, the basics of color, chromatography, and the history of art and color techniques.

With the launch of the official website of Maryam Mansouri, educational articles are uploaded to the site’s blog on a weekly basis.

If you are a reader and interested in learning more about painting, do not miss the blog of Mariam Mansouri. The site of Mariam Mansouri welcomes you with up-to-date articles.

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The biography of Maryam Mansouri

An important point about the biography of Maryam Mansouri is the path that she has taken during this period and the difficulties of this path.

The biography of Maryam Mansouri can be examined in several sections:

  1. childhood
  2. College education
  3. Enter the world of art and painting
  4. Holding art exhibitions
  5. Establishment of an art school

The childhood of Maryam Mansoori

The roots of interest in painting go back to her childhood years, the beginning years of her friendship with role and color…

Mrs. Maryam Mansoori was born in 1974 in Tehran, Iran. she has been interested in painting since she was a child. Mariam Mansoori had fun painting classes at the Center for the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults. her childhood entertainment was picture books.

Maryam Mansouri has been portraying the stories that she had made up in her mind. The situation of the society and the country in the war and the new revolution of those days did not provide an opportunity to show her short picture books.

Education of Mariam Mansouri

maryam mansouri
maryam mansoori

Mariam Mansouri has studied experimental sciences in high school and she’s received a diploma in experimental sciences in1995. Maryam Mansouri was admitted to Tehran University in the same year in two fields of nursing and food science and industrial engineering. Mariam Mansouri studied engineering but painting and especially art had a special place in her mind.

Maryam Mansoori has graduated in 1999 with a bachelor’s degree in food industry engineering. During this time, she’s participated in free art classes in various schools and seriously painted and drew.

Mariam Mansouri returned to academic art after completing her engineering studies and became a student of visual arts at the University Jihad of Teheran University. During this time, Mariam Mansoori benefited from the experience of many professors, including Professor Mostafa Hosseini, Professor Dariush Hosseini, Professor Mohammad Khalili, Professor Vahik Vartanian, and other great professors of that time.

Maryam Mansouri Artistic Trends

Maryam Mansouri researches and studies in the field of design, color basics, chromatography, and art history and color techniques.

about Maryam Mansouri
maryam mansoori

particular experiences of Mansouri Maryam

Professor Dariush Hosseini was one of the influencers of the art teaching methods of Mansouri Maryam.

According to his strategic advice, drawing in large numbers and for long days, even “one hundred drawings”, from only one subject, caused Maryam Mansoori able to draw professionally.

biography of maryam mansouri
mariam mansouri

Mansouri Maryam has given a serious value to design as the foundation and root of painting, and still, free design and a lot of practice and exertion in design is Mansouri Maryam‘s main work. This period was one of the busiest days of her life.

The beginning of Maryam Mansoori career

Gradually, while Maryam Mansoori was a student and doing projects, she began teaching painting and operating art exhibitions.

mariam mansouri
maryam mansouri

Holding a painting exhibition by Mariam Mansouri

Maryam Mansouri exhibitions began in various fields and groups.

biography of maryam mansouri
mariam mansouri

the people looked forward to her first exhibition at the Gulberg Gallery. In the summer of 2002, on the occasion of Women’s Day and Mother’s Day, a group exhibition of women artists was held at the Gulberg Gallery. This exhibition was met with success by IRIB, and the comprehensive and detailed report on this exhibition was prepared and given a TV broadcast.

The first interview of Maryam Mansoori on television, entitled Art and Its Role in Women’s Lives, took place in this exhibition.

maryam mansoori
mariam mansoori

After this exhibition, painting, and art took many images in Mansouri Maryam‘s mind. Several schools invited her to teach in groups. Mariam Mansouri, who was a student, also taught at the same time. These two simultaneous works were a great help to improve her work experience.

In 2004,  Maryam Mansouri was selected as the top professor of Tehran in the second art festival.

maryam mansouri artist
maryam mansouri
mariam mansouri
maryam mansouri
mariam mansoori
maryam mansoori


Mariam Mansoori Free Art Workshops

From 1999to 2005 was a special period of gaining experience and learning the art of painting. Participating in free art and group painting workshops marked a golden age for Maryam Mansouri.

School of Visual Arts ” Tirajeh Honar “

maryam mansoori
mariam mansoori

In 2005, Maryam Mansoori decided to work in her studio. for this reason, she applied to the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance for registration of the ” School of Visual Arts Circulation of Art “. To establish the school, in addition to artistic records and documents, theoretical and scientific exams were required in the presence of first-rate Iranian art professors. After successfully passing the theory test, Maryam Mansouri also passed the practical test.

In 2005, Maryam Mansoori succeeded in obtaining a “2nd degree in art” and received a license to establish a school of visual arts from the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Guidance.

Since 2005, the art of painting has become an integral part of her life. During this time, Maryam Mansoori held many group exhibitions with his students in Tehran galleries and other private exhibitions.

about maryam mansoori
maryam mansouri

Mariam Mansouri, in 2006 under the title of “Art Circulation”, with her students, held a group exhibition located in the Blue Gallery. Since then, every year, usually in the early summer, his group exhibitions with students of the Art Circulation School were held in Tehran’s galleries.

Fortunately, with the welcome and interest of many students, the “Art Circulation” School of Visual Arts became one of the busiest artists’ gatherings in the city center.

In 2011, Maryam Mansoori had an individual exhibition at Mani Gallery. This exhibition had 40 works and the enthusiasts look forward to it. Several of his works were purchased by the Italian Embassy. Gradually, with the expansion of cyberspace and easier access to modern science, especially painting, the branches of work of Maryam Mansoori.

Biography of Maryam Mansoury
mariam mansouri

Until early 2011, Maryam Mansouri worked with drawing techniques and black ink watercolor, and sometimes acrylic and crayons and pastels.

Maryam Mansouri and start special art trips to Europe

Mariam Mansouri started traveling in Europe in early 2010 to get to know the painting market in Europe and get acquainted with art in Europe. In addition to entertainment, these trips to most European cities and art centers,

Mariam Mansouri paid particular attention to paintings.

In this direction, Maryam Mansouri pursued two general goals:

  1. Viewing modern European paintings and works and visiting famous art museums in Europe.
  2. Familiarity with the tastes of painting buyers in Europe.
maryam mansouri
mariam mansouri

Fortunately, he researched and observed famous works during numerous trips to Rome, Florence, Milan, Paris, Venice, the Vatican, Monaco, Barcelona, Madrid, and many European cities.

Mariam Mansouri also began negotiating with buyers of paintings, including galleries and ordinary people.

Sale of Mariam Mansouri paintings

In addition to teaching painting, Mariam Mansouri also does custom work. Most of the focus is on accepting orders from Canada, Austria, and Turkey. It has been found in these countries, but Maryam Mansouri should not forget that knowing the artistic taste of the people of Iran, Austria, and Canada is a serious and necessary thing. On the contrary, some of the works that Iranians did not like received much attention from Europeans.

Sale of Mariam Mansoori paintings to Canada and Europe

In addition to teaching painting, Mariam Mansoori also performs custom paintings.

maryam mansouri
maryam mansoori

Most of the focus is on accepting orders from Canada, Austria, and Turkey.

This market owes its sales to the travels and friends in these countries and also to the help of the introduction of paintings by cyberspace.

Tools like Instagram and Facebook.

Of course, Mariam Mansouri should not forget that knowing the artistic taste of the people of Vienna, Austria, and Canada is a serious and important matter.

Changing Maryam Mansouri attitude towards painting, with the help of modern art and cyberspace

Since the early 2011s, with easier access to cyberspace and modern art, Maryam Mansouri has turned more to modern art and the combination of materials.

maryam mansouri artist
maryam mansoori

 Her workspaces became more abstract and in a series of works and surreal spaces. Of course, with a combination of oil paints and acrylics and a variety of textures.

Mansouri Maryam Foreign Exhibitions:

In 2017, Maryam mansoori was the first foreign group exhibition in Turkey and the city of Istanbul.

This exhibition was well received. The way was opened for more foreign group exhibitions.

In 2018, Maryam Mansouri sent her works to the Swedish group exhibition. In 2019, she participated in another group exhibition in Turkey.

After that and in the same year of 2019, Mansouri Maryam participated in the group exhibition of Iranian artists in Armenia.

maryam mansouri artibitions
mariam mansouri

During these years, Mariam Mansouri has been continued to provide private and public education to her students, and she had also practiced and learned more. In 2010, she held her exhibition at the Phoenix Gallery in Tehran. Abstract and surreal works were presented in this exhibition.

At the end of 2010, with the beginning of Covid-19 and the closure of galleries, cinemas, and public centers, the display of art also faced a problem.

From the beginning of 2020, Maryam Mansoori started learning and using newer materials and techniques. Using resin, using Photoshop, and digital art in art, and then using calligraphy (calligraphic painting).

Maryam Mansouri is an Iranian painter who is currently researching, studying the basics of color, colorimetric, and the history of art and color techniques. Maryam Mansoori is the founder of the school of Visual Arts ” Tirajeh Honar ” and has won the title of Tehran’s best professor at the Art Festival. Mariam Mansouri works of art have been exhibited in Iran and other countries.

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In painting, Maryam Mansoori uses the techniques of black pen, oil paint, acrylic, crayons, watercolors and so on.

Maryam Mansouri wishes the best for art lovers…

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Maryam Mansouri